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NEW Great Lunch Program

New Great Lunch Program Begins Thursday Jan. 2, 2020!

As we introduce our new lunch program, the Great Lunch Board wishes to thank Angie Works and all the previous Great Lunch Coordinators for their leadership and all the GES parents, families, and friends who for years have generously volunteered their time and energy to provide nutritional meals for the school’s children, staff, and families. 

Beginning when students return in January, the new lunch program will bring some significant changes:

· Paid staff – Tori Danielson and Laura Wilson – will operate the program, including planning, preparing, and serving the meals; they will be supported by Chef, Judi Barsness, who will be operating as a consultant to the Great Lunch Meal Program

· Lunch will be provided every school day, rather than intermittently

· In addition to a range of entrees, each meal will feature a soup and salad bar

· Ticket prices will go up slightly: $3.50 per student, $5.00 per adult

Some features of the program will remain the same, including the emphasis on organic foods, a variety of fresh fruit/veggies, accommodations for special diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.), and a commitment to provide nutritional meals to all children, staff, and lunch guests. At least for now, we will continue to have the same process for purchasing tickets through the school office. 

Specific menus as well as potential “ala carte” options are still being developed.  In the meantime, the menu for the first 6 days will be:

· Thursday, 1/2/20 – Pizza Lunch

· Friday, 1/3/20 – Chicken Tenders & Mashed Potatoes

· Monday, 1/6/20 – Sweet Potato Coconut Curry with Brown Rice

· Tuesday, 1/7/20 – Tacos

· Wednesday, 1/8/20 – Lasagna with Steamed Green Beans

· Thursday, 1/9/20 – Pizza Lunch

Obviously, the costs of providing this expanded program is greater and the increases in lunch prices will not cover them.  As a result, the Great Lunch Board will be writing grants, conducting fundraising, and seek participation in funding programs to supplement the program’s revenue.  In addition, they are hoping the expanded menu, consistency of availability, and convenience of high-quality options will encourage greater participation of students and staff in the program. Greater participation will be essential for the program to be sustainable. The Great Lunch Board is continuing to develop plans to support families for whom the cost of school lunch presents a financial hardship. You will be contacted by the school in early January if your family qualifies for this support.

The Great Lunch Board members and staff are looking forward to this new program and excited to be serving delicious, healthy meals, daily to the Great Expectations School community. We thank you in advance for your support.

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