2020 Openings

GES has openings for second grade for the Fall of 2020. If you are interested in enrolling a student in K through 8,  come get more information or sign up your child on the waiting list. Families move or change circumstances, and a spot may open up in the grade you’re interested in.

For GES’s complete Enrollment Policy, click here.

Application Information

Great Expectations is a free public charter school that receives funding from the state and federal government based on the number of students enrolled. Grade and classroom enrollment caps are established yearly by the Board of Directors. 


Preference will be given to the students already enrolled and to their siblings. If more applications are received than there are spaces available, a lottery will be held. The school will maintain a waiting list (in order of lot selection) for students who cannot be immediately enrolled. No child will be refused admission to the school on the basis of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, intellectual or physical ability, measures of achievement, aptitude or athletic ability. 


To apply for admission to Great Expectations School, complete one APPLICATION FORM per student. 

Mail application to:

Great Expectations School
PO Box 310: Grand Marais, MN 55604

Applications can also be dropped off to the school office at 550 East Fifth Street - Grand Marais or sent via email to learn@greatexpectaionsschool.com. 

If you have been notified by the school that a spot is available for your student, please return this ENROLLMENT FORM to verify your acceptance of that spot. 

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Contact Us

Great Expectations is a free public school in Grand Marais, Minnesota that works from the principle of “one child at a time,” where students learn based on their individual strengths, passions, needs, and learning styles


PO Box 310
Grand Marais, MN 55604