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At the September 27th, 2022 annual meeting, the following members were voted on to the Board of Directors:

Joe Drotos (parent member) – elected to a 3-year term
Nikki Rice (educator) – appointed to a 2-year term

Officers were also elected:

Chairperson: Andrea Orest
Vice-Chairperson: Joe Drotos
Treasurer: Sarah McManus
Secretary: Erica Kirsch

Meet the Board of GES

Andrea Orest: Parent Member

Andrea has children at GES and also serves on the food committee, Great Lunch. She is glad to be a part of the GES community and is looking forward to her new role as a board member.

Term Ends: 2023



Vice Chairperson
Joe Drotos: Parent Member

Joe's eldest kid is attending (and thriving at) GES. His second attends preschool at ISD 166. He is hoping to learn about school governance, help where he can, and advocate for the things that he believes will keep GES on a positive trajectory.

Term Ends: 2025




Erica Kirsch: Educator

Erica is in her 3rd year as a special education teacher at GES, coming from the metro area with 6 years of experience in special ed and art instrucition. She look sforward to better understanding school governance.


Term Ends: 2023



Sara McManus: Parent Member

Sara has a student attending GES.
Term Ends: 2024


Member At Large

Nikki Rice: Educator


Term Ends: 2024

Member At Large

Mike Carlson: Community Member

Mike is a retired teacher and active on many community boards. He has served terms on the GES board in the past and sits on the Finance Committee as well.


Term Ends: 2023


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