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GES Vision statements- what do they mean?

Have you ever wondered what our school vision looks like in action? Let me share a story.........

The Otter students oversee composting here at school. When school began this year, they

encountered a problem.........the compost bins had been dismantled to make room for our new accessory building, fondly referred to as Mindy’s Cabin. Where should all our compost go? A decision was made that we needed a long-term solution for composting, and until that solution was found, our food waste would go to a local farmer with hogs.

Once the final decision was made on the building footprint of the expansion, the Otters were

given a draft of the plans. With the guidance of Environmental Education teacher, Emma

Adams, the Otters surveyed the campus to come up with possible compost bin locations.

Students then evaluated the options, considering the future relocation of our play spaces,

accessibility, and the ingredients needed for successful composting.

The Otters agreed that the space between the Cabin and Recycling Shed would be the best long-term location for the compost bins. Their next step was to decide which method of composting would best meet the school’s needs. Ultimately, they decided upon two types: open bin and barrel.

With funding secured (Thank you SHIP and Great Lunch!) the Otters will soon be purchasing materials, building, and installing the new compost bins!

The vision for our school is for each child to develop:

● A strong sense of self

● Mastery of the academic building blocks

● Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

● The ability to nurture meaningful relationships with others

● An understanding and appreciation of the natural world

● A strong commitment to being a contributing member of a community

● A lifelong love of learning

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