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GES School News 2/9/2021

Frigid Greetings, Families! DRESS FOR THE WEATHER: Bitter cold weather is upon us, but students continue to spend time outdoors each day. Make sure they are dressed with the BIG FIVE: Warm coat, snow pants, boots, hat and WARM gloves/mittens. Lynx and Otters may omit snow pants (BIG FOUR) only if they will not be in the snow.



  • Monday, 2/15 (President’s Day) and

  • Monday, 2/22 (Independent Work Day)

DISTANCE LEARNING MATERIALS DELIVERIES: Materials for distance learners will be delivered on the following dates the next two weeks (with no school on Mondays):

  • Tuesday, 2/16

  • Monday, 1/22

HEALTH SCREENING SHEETS: It is important that parents continue to sign off on the green Covid Health Screening sheets that are attached to student backpacks EACH DAY. This practice has become a bit relaxed, but we need verification from parents that they are sending their children to school symptom free every day. Thank you for taking a few extra moments in your busy morning for this quick check-in with your child. Students should come home with a fresh sheet in their backpack luggage tag each Friday.

SAWTOOTH MOUNTAIN TOPIC OF THE MONTH: Relationships: Green Lights & Red Flags (Click Here)

Photo of the Week: Nothing cheers up a chilly winter day quite like a cozy campfire, and many of our classrooms enjoy getting outside and using the fire ring behind the school building. Here the Wolves East gathers for morning meeting and storytelling, using Zoom to include distance learners. Many of the classrooms enjoy the fire on Fridays, including the Bear Cubs, Fawns, and Beavers. In addition to storytelling, some favorite fire activities include roasting marshmallows, drinking hot cocoa, and watching jack pine cones open up.

Thank you for your help!

Did you know that GES relies on volunteers to handle our recycling? Nathan & Joni Kristenson and Jana Berka have been helping with recycling, taking carloads of cardboard, paper, and other recyclables from GES to the recycling center. Their dedication and reliability is a huge help to us, and we thank them for all of their work!As always, please call the office if you have any questions on school related items. I am glad to assist you!

Stay warm!


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