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Sign up here for the GES Plant Sale! May 22 & 23

ANNUAL GES PLANT SALE! - May 22 and 23

Saturday 9-4, Sunday 9-2

Thanks to the dedication of GES Environmental Educator/Science teacher, Erik Hahn, there will be a plant sale! This year’s sale will offer plenty of vegetables, including lots of tomatoes, lettuce, chard, kale, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, cabbage, cucumbers and several varieties of peppers, as well as a nice assortment of herbs. Flower varieties include snapdragons, marigolds, zinnias, pansies, impatiens, geraniums, sunflowers, cosmos, petunias and a lesser known flowering grain, amaranthus.

Shopping will include 6 sign-up time slots, and 4 walk-in customers per half hour. Sign up for a time to shop HERE. The plant sale could not take place without the help of many. Please sign up for a time slot to assist with the sale HERE.

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