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GES News 4/20/21

Greetings! There are two important items to share with families this week: Number one is an update on the Director search. Much work by the board, staff and other stakeholders has been going into the search for a director to follow Pete. After screening applicants on Zoom, the board has narrowed the search down to two qualified candidates. As part of the process to find the best fit, these candidates each spent a day on campus with staff and students last week. Additional, follow-up communication with them is taking place this week with hopes for a final decision soon. An update with the outcome will be forthcoming. The second item of importance is to let families know that GES is continuing to maintain vigilance in Covid-safe practices among students and staff. Despite staff being vaccinated, masks are still worn by all during the school day, while inside the building, and separation by classroom pods is still being practiced. With news of variants and Covid rate increases in certain areas, these, as well as other CDC school guidelines, continue to be practiced. As the days warm and children gather after school, it is important to keep Covid-safe protocols in mind. Thank you for your continued efforts, as well, in supporting the health and safety of our students. Please don't hesitate to call if you have questions regarding Covid testing, quarantining, etc. We are partners in this effort!


GREAT LUNCH PROGRAM: HELP NEEDED! - If you have not read the Great Lunch letter emailed earlier today, you can read it HERE. Great Lunch is happy to have hired Jennifer Trowbridge to help fill Hans and Will's positions. However, another person is needed to help in the kitchen daily on a short term basis. Alternately, three to five parents/grandparents, etc. could be paid to help one day per week. Without the added help, Great Lunch will not be able to offer the type of meals that it has been serving. Thank you for considering if you can help with this important matter in some capacity for the next six weeks!


BIKE SAFETY RODEO - Due to the uncertain nature of the pandemic and how it will affect the annual Bike Safety Rodeo, the Safe Routes to School Committee, Fireweed Bike Co-op, and the Grand Marais Dairy Queen are sponsoring smaller maintenance and helmet fitting events through April and early May. Details HERE.


Photo of the week: The Wolves classes got to spend several days last week at the Grand Marais Art Colony's Studio 21! The students created nature-inspired works of art, with the Art Colony staff working each student's individual creations into a larger piece. In this photo the Wolves were painting their pieces: the staff at the Art Colony had mixed together over 30 different shades of green, and each student used four different shades to paint with. Some students painted striped designs while others worked hard to blend their colors, and some students had fun incorporating splatter painting techniques to their pieces. Thank you to the Grand Marais Art Colony for facilitating this experience!

As always, please call the office if you have any questions on school related items. I am glad to assist you!


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