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GES News 4/13/21

April Greetings, Families! This is a busy week, including the Wolves spending a portion of 4 days at the Art Colony's new Studio 21, and the Wolves, Lynx and Otters participating in MCA testing. It is also a cold, wet, grey week, but that doesn't bother the Bear Cubs! This picture shows how the happy group deals with mud as they prepare to explore the EDA Woods.

Last week's Writing Celebration was a great success! It was nice to see so many families on the Zoom portion of the evening, in which Pete gave some background and instructions. If you didn't get a chance to view the Writing Celebration, you can still access it HERE. Click on students from the different classrooms within the presentation for a totally different experience in each grade level!


GREAT LUNCH HELP NEEDED! – Hans and Will have been called back to the Angry Trout earlier than expected. This leaves Great Lunch without staff to prepare student lunches. If you, or someone you know would be willing to assist in a paid position in the GES kitchen until school ends in eight weeks, it would be greatly appreciated! Details HERE.

NO SCHOOL– NEXT Monday, 4/19 – Staff Workshops

MCA TESTING BEGINS – The Lynx and Otters began Math MCAs today and the Wolves will begin testing tomorrow. Next week these classrooms will be taking the Reading MCAs. Extra sleep and a nutritious breakfast and snack for school will aid them to do their best work. Thanks!

HELP NEEDED TO RE-INSTALL OUTDOOR CLASSROOM TARPS – This Saturday, 9:00 am. Please call or email the school office if you can help for a couple hours. Thanks!


Photos of the week: The Otters finished their big social studies simulation, which immersed them in creating countries and their cultures in small groups, waging war, and creating the terms of peace. It's highly creative multilayered learning that results in enhancing their growing understanding of the dynamics of power, the devastating effects of colonization on people and culture, and how resentment and bitterness of those dominated and defeated might grow into rebellion and generational trauma.

After the simulation is over we always celebrate the work with displays. The Wolves West class, Pete, and Tina and a student from the Fawns were able to safely stop by. In non COVID times, the entire school would be invited into the Otters' classroom to view the work.

In addition, the Otters launched their final mapping project and are beginning the challenging task of mapping the world! They have worked hard all year to get to this point. They will be seen in the Commons and wherever we can find space working from bow until the end of the year. Thank you to everyone for supporting the Otters in their work! -Kathryn

As always, please call the office if you have any questions on school related items. I am glad to assist you!


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