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GES News 2/24/21

Greetings, Families! First of all, I will share great news from Pete! His surgery last Wednesday was very successful and he was released from the Mayo Clinic today to complete his recovery at home. One of the words used by his surgical team to describe his outcome is: "extraordinary"! We are very thankful for this wonderful report! We are also pleased to announce more good news in the form of additional students, in the Fawns and Wolves West classrooms, returning to in-person learning this week. The classroom reunions are joyful for all! The warm weather this week is lovely, but makes for some sloppy, wet areas on the playground. Please send extra clothing for your child to change into at school if they get soaked (pants and socks especially).



  • MISSING SILVERWARE - Hans regretted having to serve soup to a staff member when the only spoon left was a serrated grapefruit spoon! Please check your child's lunch box, back pack and your silverware drawer for any "stray" forks or spoons and send them back to school. Thanks!



  • SPRING BREAK - March 22-26. School resumes Monday, March 29.

Photos of the week: Spending more time in the classroom and less time in the common spaces of the building has been an adjustment for students this year. However, increased use of our school grounds has become a highlight of the school year. Whether it's taking part in outdoor classes or taking "mask breaks" outside, getting outdoors helps students reenergize and be more successful during the time spent inside. The Otters can be found taking mask breaks outside their classroom in all kinds of weather, enjoying activities like snowball fights and ninja tag. Inside the classroom, the Otters have recently been reading the adapted graphic novel version of Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. It is an especially poignant book for the Otters to read since Anne Frank was their same age when she wrote her diary, and she might have enjoyed activities like snowball fights that the Otters get to participate in each day.

Looking ahead: GES Plant Sale

As spring is inching closer it's time to start thinking about the GES plant sale. We will share more details about the Plant Sale in next week's newsletter, including possible volunteer opportunities for this year's sale. Stay tuned!

School website

Did you know you can find copies of the newsletter on the GES website? Visit to find current and past editions of the newsletter. Listen for the February "fee-bee" call of the black capped chickadee when you are outside with your family. What words does your child think the chickadee is saying?

Until next week,


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