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01/14/20 GES News

Snowy greetings!

There are just a few items to share with you this week:

· LUNCH TICKET QUICK REFERENCE - I have attached a lunch ticket price list for families to keep in a convenient place to reference when sending payment to school with students.  The recent price increase means more quarters, so checks seem to be more convenient on both ends, when possible.  Change is being given to students to bring home when the amount sent does not match an exact ticket price.  To prevent losing it, let your child how they should transport the change home (Ziploc bag, pants or zippered backpack pocket, etc).  Adult lunch tickets are $5.00.  Please contact the office in the morning if you plan to join your child for lunch that day.  You are always welcome to take part in our delicious, nutritious and filling Great Lunch!  Also, please share with me any feedback you may have as the Great Lunch team continues to work out details.

· NO SCHOOL next Monday, 1/20  – Staff Workshop

· POSTER CONTEST – See the attached flyer from the Oral Health Task Force

· VOLUNTEERS ARE VALUED! – Volunteers are a vital component of each day at GES.  Please read the attachment for ways you can help!

· WINTER WALK TO SCHOOL DAY is FEB 5TH – Info attached.

Until next week,


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